Spring changing instructions

*Wrenches or sockets: 1/2  
*Drill or Screw gun: 5/16 driver and 1/2 deep well socket
*Pliers   *Hammer   *2 Pipe Wrenches   *Ladder 6' or 8'
Tools Needed

Shur-Right Distributing, LLC.

Steps to change springs
We recommend changing out both springs in door including the spring not broken.
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1.  You need to place all tools and replacement springs inside building.
2.  Close door to about 4" this lets light in building to begin changing springs.
3.  Disconnent curtain from drum by removing self drill screws (2 per drum of door) from curtain.  When you remove last screw the drum will unwind rest of tension.  Do not make contact with the door drums when curtain releases from drum.  Drums are sharp and could cut you.  Once curtain is released it will stand up in guides.
4.  Now remove the cotter pin holding shaft in bracket one side only.
5.  Remove bolts holding spring in place one on the bracket and one on the drum.
6.  Now pull shaft out of bracket (one side only) you will need a hammer to hit the bracket to help get shaft out of bracket.  Do not damage bracket with hammer. 
7.  Once shaft is out of bracket remove old spring and replace with new spring.  Put shaft back into the bracket and once in bracket replace cotter pin.
8.  Bolt spring back to drum and bracket.  One side complete.
9.  Go to other side of door do steps 4 thru 8.
10. Once both springs are connected and both cotter pins are in place we need to put tension on the shaft and springs. 
11. Take the 2 pipe wrenches to center drum on door.  Place pipe wrenches one on each side of center drum.  You will pull the pipe wrenches toward you and when you let back the pipe wrench it will be held in place by the door curtain.  You will put approximately 6 full turns (for 9 X 8) on shaft (this total will vary depending on size of door) use the holes in drum to help you keep track of the turns.
12. Once you think you have enough tension on door let the pipe wrenches rest on the door curtain.  Pull curtain back down and line up the holes where the screws were originally placed.  Put in 1 screw in old hole to line up curtain correctly then drill the new self drill screw in a different place (do not use both old holes). 
13. Once all screws are replaced your door is done. 
If your door has to much tension on it or not enough tension on it at this point you can go through the method of fixing this.  You have to pull door out of guides and put a spin on it or take a spin off the door.
Shur-Right Distributing, LLC. is not responsible for any accidents or damage caused by trying to attempt changing of springs. 
This job should only be attempted by someone familiar with the roll-up door product.