About Us

Shur-Right Distributing, LLC. was established in 1995 after Jason Seibel met Virgil Shurson, Shurson Distributing. Virgil did a great job of creating a company (Shurson Distributing) that became a dealer for Trac-Rite Door, Inc. Virgil started selling Trac-Rite products in 1988 and developed a great relationship with Lumber Yards, Contractors and end customers around the midwest. In 1995 Virgil decided he wanted to get out of the door business and concentrate more on relaxing and delivering product with his truck and trailer (this was Virgil's favorite part of the business) and do a little camping with friends.

Shur-Right Distributing, LLC.

Shur-Right Distributing, LLC was formed in March 1995 with the purchase of Shurson Distributing. The name was created by using the Shur from Shurson Distributing and the Right from Trac-Rite Door. Jason Seibel at the time was employed by Trachte Building Systems, Inc. (Trac-Rite Door, Inc. is a subsidiary of TBS) as a product manager of their small building division and an inside sales rep for their self storage building division. Since 1995 Shur-Right Distributing has continued the great sales and service to all its customers and has added many contractors to their customer base that they not only sell product, but, also install doors for them on their customers self storage complexes.